Monday, May 16, 2016

Memperbaiki IMEI Permanen Infinix Note 2 X600

Cara Memperbaiki Imei Permanen
1. Download ROM Toolbox Lite --> link

2. Download Imei Zip --> link then unzip the content of the folder (imei.exe) to a folder on your desktop .

3. In command prompt, navigate to the imei.exe containing folder you just created on your desktop

* NOTE cd\ then enter (returns to root directory)         

cd.. enter (goes up one directory) 
cd foldername enter (navigates to a folder called foldername) 

4. A faster method is to open the imei.exe containing folder > Hold down Shift > Right-click on an empty space > Select "Open Command Window here"

5. When you're inside the imei folder in command prompt, type imei.exe eg 

imei.exe 123456789111111 123456789111124  

6. Press Enter          

7. If both IMEIs you gave are of the correct format, a file named MP0B_001_NEW will be created.
Rename it MP0B_001.

8. Now you can send it to the sd of your phone 

9. Install ROM toolbox lite then go to root explorer

10. In root explorer, delete the existing MP0B_001 file (located @ device/data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI) and replace with the one you just created 

11. Long press the new MP0B_001, go to permissions and tick all 9 boxes at the top then select ok (don't tick special pernissions)

12. Restart your phone

13. Your SIMs should be detected, IMEI reflect and Baseband version change from unknown to what it should be.

* Note that getting this done might not be this direct due to different scenarios but replacing the MP0B_001 file is the ultimate goal in order to fix the issue.

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